The campus is located at 1115 15th Street near downtown Modesto and the location is convenient to city bus routes and the 99 freeway. All programs are taught at this site.


The facility is approximately 8000 square feet with an adjacent parking area. A student salon, reception area, facial room, manicure room, business offices, three training center rooms and student break room occupy the space. The school provides student work areas and classroom desks. There are manicuring stations, tables, stools, and facial beds for student use, as well as multi-functional facial machines for student use in the facial department. The theory areas are set up with Wi-Fi enabled equipment. Each student, in each program, is provided with a kit with the equipment necessary for his/her specific area of training (books and items such as blow dryers, curling irons, makeup, acrylic nail kits, manikins and other needed items). A complete kit list is available upon request. CBC simulates a real salon environment, as mandated by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, to help our students “learn-by-doing”, with equipment and a variety of products and supplies that enhance the students’ practical expertise and product knowledge. The atmosphere provides an ideal environment for learning the profession of beauty. The Institution is wheelchair accessible and has handicapped accessible restrooms.


The facility does not offer student housing or provide assistance to students with housing and it is not required to provide on- campus dormitory housing. The school is located in close proximity to residential areas and a good resource is to search online property management companies for rental housing assistance. According to RentJungle.com for Modesto, rental properties start at approximately $1,000 a month on average for an average quality dwelling (source: https://www.rentjungle.com/comparerent/; 9/21/2018).